Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral made up of tiny fibres. It is powerful and heat resistant, which is why it was generally used in a number of building products, such as roofing, cement sheeting, pipes, insulation, electrical fittings, floor tiles and different constructing materials.If you live in a rented residential property, a … Read More

We are happy to announce that Karen Banton via the Bernie Banton Foundation has agreed to John Carter's request that Bernie be Commemorated as the Honourable Patron of AsbestosInfo.Objective: Provides information about electricity transmission and distribution, the hazards related to high tension strains and a danger administration approach to imp… Read More

Asbestos fibres, when launched into the air throughout incorrect asbestos handling, will be extraordinarily hazardous. Incorrect dealing with can occur during storage, disposal, demolition and some other building works. Over the last three a long time in Australia, the health hazards associated with incorrect asbestos disposal have grow to be well … Read More

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